The McKnight Brain Institute has launched a $10 million endowment campaign in partnership with the McKnight Brain Research Foundation. The Foundation has announced a $5 million gift to the Institute as a challenge to the community. Gifts will be matched 1:1 until the establishment of at least a $10 million permanent endowment!

The principal $10 million dollars will be invested and the annual earned interest will support specific research initiatives at the Institute. An endowment ensures the future of the Institute, creating a stable and secure funding source, year after year.

We ask you to join us by making an endowment gift today. Your support will help us understand the organ that makes the love of family possible, enables every smile between friends, and deepens the richness of the entire human experience.

Please click the "Make a Gift" Button on this page or Click this Link to make a gift to the University of Arizona Foundation for the benefit of the McKnight Brain Institute. To learn more about giving options call 520-626-7712. Thank you.