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The mission of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute is to discover the mysteries of the normally aging brain to achieve a lifetime of cognitive health.

Founded in 2006 at the University of Arizona, the institute is one of only four McKnight Institutes nationally.

The Institute is directed by internationally recognized expert in brain aging, Carol Barnes, Regents Professor in the Departments of Psychology, Neurology, and Neuroscience.  

More than 30 affiliate faculty contribute to the Institute through their work on normal aging in fields as diverse as optics, psychology, and physiology. These top researchers create a hub of expertise on aging and the brain, with a particular focus on brain mapping to identify memory circuits and how they change over the lifespan.

We work to understand normal changes in the brain as it ages, in the hopes of developing practical lifestyle recommendations and treatments that will lead to better memory, and longer, fuller cognitive lives for all.


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See the organizational brochure to learn more about the McKnight Brain Research Foundation.